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Production Planning & Scheduling


CASP markets a production planning and scheduling tool, which uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Decision-Making concepts. This tool provides information concerning the status and the performance of the shop floor (e.g., resource utilization, resource assignment information, resource availability, jobs completion date, cost information, etc.), which is useful for manufacturing decisions.

It is a dynamic planning tool, which can be applied, as often a new plan is required according to the changes in the manufacturing environment. This planning tool in order to result in feasible production plans takes into consideration the availability of any kind of manufacturing resources (Finite Capacity Planning).

The tool is flexible regarding the level of the detail of the input information as well as the level detail of the planning results that provides. The tool provides a high level plan for the production manager, as well as a low-level, very detailed schedule, regarding human and machine resources, for a section supervisor.

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