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Custom solutions

CASP designs, develops and markets software tools and integrated business solutions according to customers' demands. The provided products and services are based on advanced engineering concepts and methodologies, tailored to the customers' requirements and easily integrated in their existing technological environment.


All our applications offer a web-based user interface, thus supporting distributed data management and enhancing the introduction and integration of novel technologies in the production environment..

Our company is actively responding to the need for collaborative environments enabling the cooperation among different actors involved in the supply chain and product lifecycle, resulting to faster supply chain formation and lower synchronization costs through the provision of high-added-value applications and tools that offer real time product data throughout the lifecycle of a product (manufacturing, assembly, packaging, selling, maintenance and recycling).

We are using object oriented design and software implementation of intelligent Internet-based applications addressing enterprise-wide business activities such as tendering, quotations, and communication with external sources and inquiries.


Consulting Services

CASP offers to its customers consulting services in various fields, such as: Business re-organization Project Management Material Management.

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