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Quality Engineering Tool


CASP provides a Quality Engineering Tool, which supports TQM (Total Quality Management) in the manufacturing industry. The two basic aspects addressed by this tool are product and process quality, mainly in the design phase of the product. The tool supports quality focused analysis of assemblies, with the purpose to identify and predict critical components, dimensions and characteristics, based on advanced Error Propagation Analysis (EPA) techniques, as well as non-probabilistic component analysis.

The tool also supports error analysis of components, subassemblies and assemblies in order to identify quality critical manufacturing and assembly processes. This software tool is mainly focused on those areas where the identification of critical processes, when applying classical, statistical approaches is not effective.

The Quality Engineering Tool provides cost-effective action plans based on the identified criticality in order to ensure and improve the quality such us, quality checking plans, plans and suggestions for self control and inspection, Furthermore, this tool provides decision support for process improvements from quality engineering point of view. The tool is designed and developed using object oriented technologies and supports industrially wide used databases.

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