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REFLECT project aims to contribute to the increase of the European robotics industry competitiveness by addressing the challenge of developing flexible and highly dexterous equipment. More precisely, REFLECT tackles the assembly of deformable parts in dishwashers by employing a flexible robotic system utilizing the concepts of human robot interaction and collaboration. The system will handle gaskets and will assemble them in the inner tube of dishwasher doors. The initial development phase of REFLECT focuses on a dexterous mechatronic system for deformable object grasping and soft material manipulation, a multi-sensory system for deformable objects detection and situation awareness, as well as a safety oriented collaborative layout. The mechatronic system of REFLECT solutions will be equipped with a ready to use collaborative robot (Universal robot, UR10) and a cognitive gripping system able to control the force that is applied to the deformable gasket. Additionally, safety features and equipment will be deployed to ensure safe human robot collaboration in fenceless environment. The scope of the experiment is to allow an increase of competitive advantage for systems integrators and to offer high-value added solutions to their customers. The experiment will inspire robotics and software integrators to develop innovative products for robotics integration. In the coming period, the outcome of REFLECT will be a real-world demonstration in serial production appealing to a big part of the European market.

REFLECT demo video (final)
REFLECT demo video
REFLECT Demonstrator.jpg
REFLECT Demonstrator
REFLECT simulation video
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