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RUBIC solution

Hybrid human robot collaborative station


The Hybrid human robot collaborative station is a working cell able to automate the quality and functional testing actions performed in white goods industry. The innovation of this cell is the combination of high-end technologies, taking advantage of both the robot strength and the human cognitive capabilities. The main objective of this cell is to help the operators perform quality assessment on parts or products, avoiding faulty products reaching the end client. Additionally, the operators would avoid doing repeatable and tiring operation, keeping only the overview and preparation activities in the production cell. Furthermore, the automation of the quality control operations would facilitate the logging, keeping track of all the data for each part.


The Hybrid human robot collaborative station comprises of the following technologies:

  • Intuitive interfaces for safe human-robot cooperation

  • Collaborative robots with safety strategies and equipment enabling fenceless cells

  • Smart vision system for visual inspection activities

  • Flexible integration & communication architecture


Some of the main expected benefits of this solution are the increased flexibility of industrial processes, the enhanced product quality and the increased efficiency of collaborative task sequence by 15%.


For more information please express your interest by sending us an email to


In the mean time please feel free to watch the following video that presents what our platform is capable of.

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