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Shop Floor Operation Support

The Shop Floor Operator Support software package provides assembly instructions in several media formats (text, drawings and video) utilizing mobile wireless devices through user-centered interface that reduce effort to retrieve and understand instructions directly to shop-floor operators. The system supports the operators for performing non-assembly tasks such as ordering materials, reading change orders and receiving messages from management. It can be used to support operators with every day work at shop-floor or used for training and learning purposes (e.g. during new product ramp-up phase).

Through a web interface the production manager may easily define product structure and tasks to be performed, define the characteristics of the available operators and set the performance objectives and their importance.

The tool dynamically provides optimized shift and production schedules for human operators. The dynamic nature of the tool lies in the ability to trigger the rotation RFID integration automates the process of identifying products, parts and operators. The time needed information management is decreased and errors introduced due to human involvement in data entry process are eliminated.

The Shop Floor Operator Support software package is a web application easily accessed through typical web browsers (Microsoft Internet Explorer®, Mozilla Firefox®, Safari®) running on desktop, laptop and handheld mobile devices.

The mobility software was designed with the shop floor user in focus. All functionality and graphical design has been made with the aim to make usability as efficient as possible.

The application comprises of several dynamic web pages which handle the interaction with the user as well as several screens for supporting infrastructure operations.


Key Customer Benefits

  • Increased mobility of operator allows greater freedom of work.

  • It saves time and reduces unnecessary workload; it also means that there is no delay between looking up the information and using it for the task at hand.

  • Operators training in complex manufacturing and assembly processes.

  • Enables allocations of tasks over time that leads to a smoothened workload distribution.

  • Adaptation to schedule disturbances by fast and efficient reallocation of operators.

  • Multi skilled operators can effectively replace their colleagues in case of unexpected events (injury, absence etc).

  • Operators that rotate within a logical frequency tend to avoid the effects of monotonous work and are more alert when switching between tasks.


Smart integration

  • Smart integration with the systems already installed.

  • CASP can help to specify the requirements so as long term and shop-floor wide integration to be achieved.

  • Requirements and technologies may vary among different departments.

  • Infrastructure installation includes:

    • Windows®Server 2003 or later.

    • Apache Tomcat® Web Server.

    • Oracle® Database 11g.

    • Wireless Wi-Fi equipment.

    • Mobile devices.

    • Application and database server(s).

    • RFID infrastructure.

  • CASP's offering to human-centered manufacturing and assembly consists of two main modules:

    • Mobile Information Support.

    • Dynamic Resource Allocation.

  • Start with any module, complete with training, maintenance and service. Add more modules and departments over time.



  • Requirements and Customization

  • Installation and Setup

  • Technical Support

  • Application Support

  • Training

  • Maintenance and Service



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