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Virtual Reality environments for operators training towards safe and human centric workplaces



VRSafe aims to create a safer workplace by introducing a virtual industrial environment for training operators in safety related processes. By using virtual reality (VR), trainees become more equipped to handle hazardous situations effectively. By building on top of an existing VR platform for training in production processes, the partners of VRSafe aim to expand its application and address a new target group which spans virtually over all domains where humans are active and their safety and well being need to be guaranteed. Within the virtual environment of VRSafe, trainees can repeat scenarios to improve skills and reduce their exposure to real-life dangers.


VRSafe will provide two types of solutions a) standard predefined scenarios into a generic industrial environment with basic scenes that include different hazards which the user has to identify and, if possible, eliminate or handle in a safe way as well as b) a customized scenario would also be available on demand for those that want a more tailored made environment with functionalities of their specific workplace. This aims to create more flexibility to customers depending on the existing and desired competence level of their employees as well as the diversity of their workplace and processes. Brembo and Calpak are the end users, the Teaching Factory and Kilometro Rosso bring in the technical competence for implementation, CASP undertakes the business owner role and UCD will validate adherence to regulations.




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